October 1917

Passchendaele mud. Austria-Hungary and Germany shatter the Italian army at Caporetto. Mata Hari executed. The British invasion of Palestine begins.

4/10/1917 The Sacchi decree: Italy combats the menace of defeatism

4/10/1917 Broodseinde: more Ypres attrition

8/10/1917 Trotsky elected chairman of the Petrograd Soviet’s executive

9/10/1917 Poelcapelle: an Allied attack at Ypres fails

11/10/1917 Operation Albion: German troops seize the islands of Estonia

12/10/1917 ANZAC forces cut to pieces in failed attack on Passchendaele

13/10/1917 The Miracle of the Sun

14/10/1917 Austria feeds the guns while its people go hungry

15/10/1917 Mata Hari executed

16/10/1917 Enemy at the gates: Germany threatens Petrograd

17/10/1917 The Action off Lerwick: a daring German strike on a British convoy

18/10/1917 Mahiwa: Lettow-Vorbeck’s pyrrhic victory

23/10/1917 The Bolsheviks decide to seize power

24/10/1917 Caporetto: Austria and Germany strike back against Italy

25/10/1917 De Valera takes over Sinn Féin

25/10/1917 Caporetto: Italy reels from the enemy onslaught

26/10/1917 Brazil joins the Allies

26/10/1917 Canadians take their turn being killed at Passchendaele

26/10/1917 Caporetto: astonishing progress by the Germans and Austro-Hungarians

27/10/1917 La Malmaison: a French offensive on the Chemin des Dames

27/10/1917 Caporetto: Cadorna orders a withdrawal

27/10/1917 Fighter pilot Arthur Rhys-Davids fails to return

28/10/1917 Caporetto: as Italy reels, Britain and France promise help

30/10/1917 A new Italian prime minster spells danger for the army’s commander

31/10/1917 Beersheba: the great charge of the Australian cavalry

31/10/1917 Hard times for Germany’s U-boats

image sources:

mud (Mental Floss WWI Centennial: First Passchendaele, Rainbow Division Crosses the Atlantic)

map (Mental Floss WWI Centennial: Disaster At Caporetto)

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September 1917

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September 1917

More plodding along at Ypres. Kornilov’s coup fails. The British army mutiny at Étaples.

3/9/1917 Germany strikes at Riga

8/9/1917 Kerensky falls out with his general

9/9/1917 Russia’s Bonaparte? Kornilov marches on Petrograd

9/9/1917 Mutiny at Étaples

10/9/1917 The 18th Brumaire of Lavr Kornilov

11/9/1917 French ace Georges Guynemer disappears

11/9/1917 Kornilov’s coup comes unstuck

12/9/1917 The Étaples mutiny suppressed

12/9/1917 Bolsheviks in the ascendant as Kornilov’s coup fails

12/9/1917 Another new Prime Minister for France

12/9/1917 The Stockholm Conference: socialists continue preparations for a revolutionary peace

14/9/1917 The Petrograd Soviet swings behind the Bolsheviks

18/9/1917 Carzano: an Italian attempt to utilise Austro-Hungarian turncoats

19/9/1917 As Eleventh Isonzo draws to a close, Austria plans to strike back

20/9/1917 3rd Ypres: a limited assault on the Menin Road

21/9/1917 The Seeadler’s captain captured 

23/9/1917 German fighter ace Werner Voss shot down over Ypres

26/9/1917 3rd Ypres: Britain storms Polygon Wood

27/9/1917 East Africa: Lettow-Vorbeck escapes another Allied trap

30/9/1917 Falkenhayn redeploys to Palestine

image sources:

Canadian troops resting on their way to the front (The Great War – Photos – Life in the Trenches)

map (Mental Floss WWI Centennial: Germans Capture Riga, Kornilov Revolt)

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August 1917

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August 1917

Muddy horror at Ypres. Crisis for Austria-Hungary on the Isonzo. Kornilovmania in Russia. France attacks at Verdun. A bad month for U-boats.

2/8/1917 German sailors mutiny in Wilhelmshaven

2/8/1917 Disaster strikes the Seeadler

3/8/1917 Kerensky shuts down the Finnish parliament but loses Czernowitz to Austria

3/8/1917 The Green Corn Rebellion: Oklahoma rises up against the war

10/8/1917 Third Ypres: mud and the Germans block British progress

14/8/1917 New enemies for Germany as Siam and China join the Allies

15/8/1917 As Italy prepares for another offensive the Pope calls for peace

16/8/1917 The Bolsheviks adopt an ominous new slogan

16/8/1917 Hindenburg & Ludendorff sack the head of Germany’s Supreme War Office

16/8/1917 Third Ypres: more failed attacks

18/8/1917 Third Ypres: mud

19/8/1917 11th Isonzo: Italy smashes Austria-Hungary

20/8/1917 Return to Verdun: France recaptures the Mort Homme

21/8/1917 Anti-war riots in Turin while crowds in Milan demand a Cadorna dictatorship

22/8/1917 Crisis on the Isonzo

22/8/1917 Ypres: tanks v. mud, the Siege of Fray Bentos

24/8/1917 11th Isonzo: Austria-Hungary retreats

25/8/1917 Ypres: the siege of Fray Bentos reaches its conclusion

26/8/1917 French gains at Verdun

27/8/1917 Kornilovmania eclipses Kerensky

28/8/1917 11th Isonzo: the Italian advance contained

29/8/1917 Canada moves towards conscription

31/8/1917 U-boats v. Dazzle Ships

image source (Wikipedia)

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July 1917

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July 1917

Kerensky’s offensive fails. The July Days in Petrograd. U-boat controversy forces resignation of the German Chancellor. Arab rebels storm Aqaba. The Red Baron shot down. Passchendaele begins.

1/7/1917 The Kerensky Offensive: Russia attacks

2/7/1917 Greece formally joins the Allies

2/7/1917 Emperor Karl frees Austria-Hungary’s political prisoners

3/7/1917 The Kerensky Offensive comes unstuck

6/7/1917 Arab rebels storm Aqaba

6/7/1917 Finland declares independence from Russia

6/7/1917 The U-boat war denounced in the Reichstag

6/7/1917 The Red Baron shot down

10/7/1917 Political realignment in Ireland as de Valera wins by-election

11/7/1917 Ramadi: Britain’s failed attempt to advance upriver from Baghdad

12/7/1917 Lawrence meets Allenby in Cairo

13/7/1917 Chancellor Bethmann Hollweg leaves the stage

13/7/1917 Britain retreats from Ramadi

15/7/1917 Santa Maria la Longa: an Italian mutiny suppressed

15/7/1917 Tension builds in Petrograd

16/7/1917 Petrograd erupts

17/7/1917 Petrograd: a second Russian Revolution?

17/7/1917 Narungombe: a British advance in East Africa thwarted

18/7/1917 The revolutionary moment passes in Petrograd

19/7/1917 The Reichstag passes its Peace Resolution

19/7/1917 Kerensky’s star rises as that of the Bolsheviks falls

20/7/1917 The Corfu Declaration: plans for a future Yugoslavia

22/7/1917 Alexander Kerensky, Russia’s new Prime Minister

24/7/1917 Lightning Force: Enver’s plan to recapture Baghdad

30/7/1917 German U-boat crews meet their July targets

31/7/1917 Third Ypres begins with British successes

31/7/1917 Kerensky replaces Brusilov with Kornilov as army commander

image sources:

Nevsky Prospekt, Petrograd, 17 July 1917 (Wikipedia)

British soldiers guarding German prisoners, 31 July 1917 (Wikipedia)

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June 1917

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June 1917

French army mutinies continue. The Battle of Messines. London bombed. Aqaba falls to the Arabs. The first US troops arrive in Europe. The Kerensky Offensive begins.

1/6/1917 French mutinies continue

4/6/1917 Brusilov takes over the Russian army

4/6/1917 Tenth Isonzo ends with an Austro-Hungarian surprise

6/6/1917 The revolutionary sailors of Kronstadt compromise

7/6/1917 Assault on Messines Ridge

10/6/1917 Italy launches a new offensive on the Asiago plateau

11/6/1917 Messines: the Germans retreat

12/6/1917 The Allies finally get rid of Greece’s uncooperative King

13/6/1917 Panic on the streets of London

14/6/1917 The Seeadler claims its first American victim

15/6/1917 Pétain attempts to conciliate French mutineers

16/6/1917 Germany’s plague of hamsters

18/6/1917 Nasir and Lawrence set their sights on Aqaba

19/6/1917 Italy attacks, Mount Ortigara falls

20/6/1917 Industrial unrest grips France

21/6/1917 The Women’s Battalion of Death

23/6/1917 Ukraine declares autonomy from Russia

24/6/1917 The Red Baron’s Flying Circus

25/6/1917 The first US troops arrive in France

25/6/1917 Mount Ortigara recaptured by the Austro-Hungarians

26/6/1917 Justice catches up with the last of the conspirators against Franz Ferdinand

27/6/1917 A new British commander in the Sinai desert

29/6/1917 Defeated Italians withdraw to their start lines on the Asiago plateau

29/6/1917 The guns fire for Kerensky’s great offensive

30/6/1917 Germany’s dawning realisation that the U-boat war has failed

30/6/1917 Cadorna denounced in the Italian parliament

image source:

New Zealanders at Messines (Mental Floss WWI Centennial: Battle of Messines)

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May 1917

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May 1917

U-boats continue to devastate Allied shipping. Unrest continues in Russia. The Italians attack again on the Isonzo. Unrest grips the French army in the wake of the failure of the Nivelle Offensive.

2/5/1917 US warships arrive in Europe

4/5/1917 Robertson and Pétain agree on attrition, Haig continues to dream of a breakthrough
4/5/1917 Unrest continues in Petrograd

5/5/1917 Pro-conscription party wins landslide in Australia

7/5/1917 The last flight of Albert Ball

9/5/1917 Nivelle sacked, his offensive halted, the French army in danger of collapse

10/5/1917 Convoys against U-boats

12/5/1917 Tenth time lucky on the Isonzo?

14/5/1917 The Battle of Otranto

14/5/1917 Tenth Isonzo: the infantry attack

15/5/1917 Tenth Isonzo: Cadorna changes tack

17/5/1917 As the Battle of Arras ends, Haig’s thoughts turn to Ypres

18/5/1917 Russia’s government reconstituted as unrest spread across the country

18/5/1917 America introduces conscription

19/5/1917 Faisal sends his agents north into Syria

21/5/1917 A minor success for the Allies in East Africa

23/5/1917 Unrest in Italy as attacks continue on the Isonzo

23/5/1917 Tisza steps down as Hungarian Prime Minister

26/5/1917 Once again, Italy runs out of steam on the Isonzo

28/5/1917 A bizarre episode on the Italian Front

29/5/1917 The Socialist Republic of Kronstadt

30/5/1917 Emperor Karl reconvenes Austria’s parliament

31/5/1917 Discipline and punish: the Italian army deals with failure

31/5/1917 Another good month for the U-boats

image source:

Canadian troops after leaving the front line (Peterborough in the Great War)

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April 1917

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April 1917

The USA declares war on Germany. Initial British and Canadian success at Arras. Nivelle’s offensive is a disastrous failure. Lenin returns to Russia. The Turks again block Britain at Gaza. The U-boats‘ deadliest month yet.

1/4/1917 Starving Central Europe

2/4/1917 London orders an advance on Jerusalem

2/4/1917 Wilson addresses Congress, seeking a declaration of war against Germany

3/4/1917 Austria-Hungary puts the case for peace

5/4/1917 Brazil’s “Paraná” sunk by U-boat

6/4/1917 Nivelle insists that his offensive goes ahead

6/4/1917 America declares war on Germany

9/4/1917 Lenin departs Zurich for Russia in his special German train

9/4/1917 Arras: Canadians storm Vimy Ridge as the Allies smash the Germans

10/4/1917 The Eddystone explosion: an unsolved mystery

11/4/1917 Discipline breaks down in Russia’s army

11/4/1917 Arras: failed British and Australian attempts to exploit earlier gains

15/4/1917 Arras runs out of steam

16/4/1917 Socialist firebrand Lenin arrives in Petrograd, proclaims opposition to the war

16/4/1917 The disappointing first day of Nivelle’s offensive

16/4/1917 Unrest grips Germany

17/4/1917 Lenin delivers his April Theses, denouncing the Provisional Government

17/4/1917 As the Nivelle Offensive continues, the cracks start to show in the French army

17/4/1917 Second Gaza: another British attempt to push into Palestine

17/4/1917 The German Corpse Factory

18/4/1917 The “Seeadler” makes its way into the Pacific

19/4/1917 Italy secures its share of the Turkish spoils

19/4/1917 Second Gaza: Britain fails again to break into Palestine

20/4/1917 The failure of Nivelle’s offensive

22/4/1917 Italy’s avant garde goes to war

23/4/1917 Arras: the British offensive resumed

23/4/1917 German authorities buy off the Berlin and Leipzig strikers

23/4/1917 Scenting victory, German leaders prepare ambitious plans for post-war Europe

24/4/1917 Britain consolidates its gains in Mesopotomia

25/4/1917 Britain attacks in the Balkans

27/4/1917 Germany’s annoying Belgian naval bases

29/4/1917 The Red Baron kills

29/4/1917 Unrest in the French army brings Pétain to the fore

30/4/1917 Bloody April: the red skies above Arras

30/4/1917 Great successes for Germany’s U-boats

30/4/1917 Outlandish reports of the German Corpse Factory continue to cause a sensation

image sources:

New York Sun (Mental Floss)

Map (Mental Floss)

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March 1917

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