Monthly Archive 1917

Wilson’s peace efforts continue. Germany decides to unleash the U-boats. Britain intercepts a telegram. The East African campaign plods along. Britain pushes to the gates of Palestine as the Arab Revolt advances.

Germany’s U-boat campaign pushes the Americans towards war. British gains in Mesopotamia. Germany begins to withdraw to the Hindenburg Line. Mata Hari arrested.

Revolution in Russia. Germany’s plot against America revealed. Britain takes Baghdad but is blocked at Gaza. The U-boat war continues.

The USA declares war on Germany. Initial British and Canadian success at Arras. Nivelle’s offensive is a disastrous failure. Lenin returns to Russia. The Turks again block Britain at Gaza. The U-boats‘ deadliest month yet.

U-boats continue to devastate Allied shipping. Unrest continues in Russia. The Italians attack again on the Isonzo. Unrest grips the French army in the wake of the failure of the Nivelle Offensive.

French army mutinies continue. The Battle of Messines. London bombed. Aqaba falls to the Arabs. The first US troops arrive in Europe. The Kerensky Offensive begins.

Kerensky’s offensive fails. The July Days in Petrograd. U-boat controversy forces resignation of the German Chancellor. Arab rebels storm Aqaba. The Red Baron shot down. Passchendaele begins.

Muddy horror at Ypres. Crisis for Austria-Hungary on the Isonzo. Kornilovmania in Russia. France attacks at Verdun. A bad month for U-boats.

More plodding along at Ypres. Kornilov’s coup fails. The British army mutiny at Étaples.

Passchendaele mud. Austria-Hungary and Germany shatter the Italian army at Caporetto. Mata Hari executed. The British invasion of Palestine begins.

Red October: the Bolsheviks seize power in Russia. Britain pushes into Palestine. The Balfour Declaration. The muddy hell of Passchendaele winds down. Caporetto ends with the Italians thrown back to the Piave. Cambrai: triumph of the tanks, then the Germans strike back.

Britain takes Jerusalem. Russia agrees an armistice with Germany and starts negotiations towards a peace treaty. The Bolsheviks consolidate their power. Australia rejects conscription. War brings famine to East Africa.

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