[interlude] “Journey’s End”

This film might be of interest. It deals with a British army unit in France in the run-up to Germany’s spring offensive in March 1918. I have not seen it yet myself and the trailer looks a bit over-blown, but I feel like I must see it. Here in Dublin it is only being shown in the IFI, possibly just for one week, but it is probably getting a wider release in the UK.

[interlude] The uses of history

People sometimes think that history is forgotten and of no relevance to the present day. Yesterday however in the Irish parliament politicians argued about the democratic credentials of Lenin and Kerensky, almost a 100 years after the Russian Revolution‘s progress saw the rise of one and the fall of another.

image sources:

Alexander Kerensky (Wikipedia)

Vladimir Lenin, painted by Isaak Brodsky (Wikipedia)

Read the bizarre parliamentary debate here.

[interlude] Bovington Tank Museum

I recently visited the Tank Museum in Bovington, Dorset. As the name suggests, this is a museum of tanks from their origins in the First World War to the present day. The museum has the British prototype tank, Little Willie, and other First World War vehicles.

As well as British tanks, the museum also has a Renault FT from 1918, the first tank to look like a tank (with a rotating turret above the chassis).

There is an interesting First World War exhibit, including an atmospheric mock-up of a trench.

The German machine-gunners are quite striking when unexpectedly encountered.

The trench exhibit includes a modelled tank attack on a German position.

A tank museum is a bit niche but I think anyone with a passing interest in military history and armoured vehicles would find plenty to interest them at the Tank Museum.

More pictures (mostly of vehicles from the Second World War and Cold War).