12/1/1919 Bavarian voters reject radical socialism

In Berlin the Freikorps have crushed an attempt by the far-left Spartacists to bring down Ebert‘s Social Democrat government. In Bavaria meanwhile the Independent Social Democrats (the USPD) have been in power since the November overthrow of Bavaria’s king. Under the premiership of Kurt Eisner, Bavaria has since then followed a radical course. Eisner has also leaked documents from the Bavarian archive supporting his belief that the war in 1914 was started by a clique of Prussian warmongers, actions that have not endeared him to nationalist opinion.

Unlike the Spartacists, the USPD remains committed to parliamentary democracy. Today in Bavaria’s first ever free elections voters deliver their verdict on Eisner’s government. The results suggest that they are not keen on the radical direction in which Eisner has been leading them. Most seats and votes are won by a local affiliate of the Bavarian People’s Party (the local affiliate of the Centre Party, which represents German Catholics), which takes 35% of the vote and 66 out of 180 seats. The Social Democrats take 33% of the vote and 61 seats, while Eisner’s USPD wins just 2.5% of the vote and three seats. Bavaria’s radical adventure looks like it is drawing to a close.

image sources:

Kurt Eisner (Wikipedia)

Bavarian People’s Party election poster (Propaganda Postcards of the Great War: Revolution in Munich (Bavaria) 1919)

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