29/3/1918 Calvary: the Paris Gun kills 90 attendees of Good Friday service #1918Live

After yesterday’s German failure at Arras the front today is relatively quiet. For all that German troops are still advancing, their offensive may be beginning to wind down.

Parisians meanwhile are marking Good Friday. The Germans have been shelling Paris with their astonishing Paris Gun, capable of firing a shell over 70 miles. As a result of the shelling and previous air raids, the inhabitants of the French capital have learned to avoid gathering together in crowds. Unfortunately religious congregations make for ideal targets. When a shell lands on the church of St-Gervais-et-St-Protais, the roof collapses, killing around 90 members of the congregation and wounding many more. Thus far this is the greatest loss of life from a single shell of the Paris Gun.

image source:

The damage to the church (Wikipedia: Paris Gun)

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