13/10/1917 The Miracle of the Sun #1917Live

While the war rages on across Europe, strange events are taking place in Portugal. In the village of Fatima, three children have reported experiencing apparitions of first an Angel and then none other than the Virgin Mary herself, mother of Jesus Christ. The children report that among other things the apparition has told them to pray for an end to the war (a war Portugal is part of, having recently despatched a small expeditionary force to the Western Front). The children also report that they have been entrusted with some mysterious secrets.

Reports of these apparitions have caused a sensation in Portugal and caused some embarrassment to the authorities, as Portugal is now a secular republic. Today large crowds gather in Fatima, as the children report that the Virgin Mary has promised to perform a miracle that will be seen by all). And a miracle appears to occur, with many of those present seeing the sun dance in the sky (although others report seeing nothing out of the ordinary).

Despite the prayers of those at Fatima, the war continues.
image sources:

The three children: Lúcia Santos, Francisco Marto & Jacinta Marto (Wikipedia: Our Lady of Fatima)

Crowds observe the miracle (Wikipedia: Miracle of the Sun)

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