September 1917

More plodding along at Ypres. Kornilov’s coup fails. The British army mutiny at Étaples.

3/9/1917 Germany strikes at Riga

8/9/1917 Kerensky falls out with his general

9/9/1917 Russia’s Bonaparte? Kornilov marches on Petrograd

9/9/1917 Mutiny at Étaples

10/9/1917 The 18th Brumaire of Lavr Kornilov

11/9/1917 French ace Georges Guynemer disappears

11/9/1917 Kornilov’s coup comes unstuck

12/9/1917 The Étaples mutiny suppressed

12/9/1917 Bolsheviks in the ascendant as Kornilov’s coup fails

12/9/1917 Another new Prime Minister for France

12/9/1917 The Stockholm Conference: socialists continue preparations for a revolutionary peace

14/9/1917 The Petrograd Soviet swings behind the Bolsheviks

18/9/1917 Carzano: an Italian attempt to utilise Austro-Hungarian turncoats

19/9/1917 As Eleventh Isonzo draws to a close, Austria plans to strike back

20/9/1917 3rd Ypres: a limited assault on the Menin Road

21/9/1917 The Seeadler’s captain captured 

23/9/1917 German fighter ace Werner Voss shot down over Ypres

26/9/1917 3rd Ypres: Britain storms Polygon Wood

27/9/1917 East Africa: Lettow-Vorbeck escapes another Allied trap

30/9/1917 Falkenhayn redeploys to Palestine

image sources:

Canadian troops resting on their way to the front (The Great War – Photos – Life in the Trenches)

map (Mental Floss WWI Centennial: Germans Capture Riga, Kornilov Revolt)

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