18/9/1917 Carzano: an Italian attempt to utilise Austro-Hungarian turncoats #1917Live

The Eleventh Battle of the Isonzo is beginning to wind down, with the Italians having made some gains but at a terrible cost in lost men. Other sectors of the front are relatively quiet but tonight in the Trentino sector the Italians launch a surprise attack on the town of Carzano. Italian troops here have made contact with the troops opposite, who include Serbs and Czechs hostile to the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The rebels have arranged to let Italian troops advance through their positions to Carzano, to be followed by the main body of Italian troops who will exploit this hole in the enemy lines.

Unfortunately the more senior Italian commanders in the sector are half-hearted in their support for the attack, suspicious that some kind of trap is being laid for them. The first wave of Italian troops move through the enemy lines to Carzano but the followup troops advance far too slowly. Eventually the Austro-Hungarians realise that something is up. The Italian commander orders a withdrawal, abandoning the troops who have made it to Carzano itself. Italian artillery shells them as they surrender.

image source:

Fighting in Carzano (Wikipedia: Sogno di Carzano)

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