August 1917

Muddy horror at Ypres. Crisis for Austria-Hungary on the Isonzo. Kornilovmania in Russia. France attacks at Verdun. A bad month for U-boats.

2/8/1917 German sailors mutiny in Wilhelmshaven

2/8/1917 Disaster strikes the Seeadler

3/8/1917 Kerensky shuts down the Finnish parliament but loses Czernowitz to Austria

3/8/1917 The Green Corn Rebellion: Oklahoma rises up against the war

10/8/1917 Third Ypres: mud and the Germans block British progress

14/8/1917 New enemies for Germany as Siam and China join the Allies

15/8/1917 As Italy prepares for another offensive the Pope calls for peace

16/8/1917 The Bolsheviks adopt an ominous new slogan

16/8/1917 Hindenburg & Ludendorff sack the head of Germany’s Supreme War Office

16/8/1917 Third Ypres: more failed attacks

18/8/1917 Third Ypres: mud

19/8/1917 11th Isonzo: Italy smashes Austria-Hungary

20/8/1917 Return to Verdun: France recaptures the Mort Homme

21/8/1917 Anti-war riots in Turin while crowds in Milan demand a Cadorna dictatorship

22/8/1917 Crisis on the Isonzo

22/8/1917 Ypres: tanks v. mud, the Siege of Fray Bentos

24/8/1917 11th Isonzo: Austria-Hungary retreats

25/8/1917 Ypres: the siege of Fray Bentos reaches its conclusion

26/8/1917 French gains at Verdun

27/8/1917 Kornilovmania eclipses Kerensky

28/8/1917 11th Isonzo: the Italian advance contained

29/8/1917 Canada moves towards conscription

31/8/1917 U-boats v. Dazzle Ships

image source (Wikipedia)

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