12/9/1917 The Étaples mutiny suppressed #1917Live

Unrest has broken out among the British and Commonwealth soldiers based at the training camp of Étaples. Soldiers have been attacking military policemen and disobeying orders prohibiting their visits to the beach or the neighbouring town of Le Touquet. Army authorities fear that these disorders will escalate, engulfing the British army in the kind of trouble that plagued the French earlier in the summer.

After struggling to contain the unruly soldiers at Étaples the authorities now respond firmly. A reliable unit armed with staves supported by cavalry and a detachment from the machine gun corps arrive. This successfully intimidates the mutineers who go back to obeying their officers’ orders. With the trouble over the authorities breathe a sigh of relief and set about identifying the ringleaders and continuing to ready the rest for the fighting in Flanders.

image source:

Cartoon from postcard of training at Étaples, by JW Davis (Picture Postcards from the Great War)

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