10/9/1917 The 18th Brumaire of Lavr Kornilov #1917Live

After being sacked by telegram, General Kornilov has ordered his men to march on Petrograd, where he believes that Kerensky is being held prisoner by the Bolsheviks. However as time passes the general realises that Kerensky is not a prisoner and he has indeed ordered his dismissal. This is a shock, as Kornilov and been planning a crackdown on the Bolsheviks and other extremists with Kerensky. But instead of calling off his men he decides that he will have to save Russia himself. Now he is in open rebellion against the prime minister.

Kornilov’s move is greeted with jubilation in conservative circles, where the general is seen as Russia’s best hope of avoiding a descent into chaos or worse. Senior army officers declare their support for him. But in Petrograd working people fear the consequences of a Kornilov coup. Armed militias spring into being to defend the capital, with the Bolsheviks playing a leading role in their organisation.

Krimov leads Kornilov’s vanguard, which is advancing on Petrograd by train. But when they reach the city’s outer limits they find that the railwaymen have torn up the tracks to block their advance. And they also find agitators from the capital waiting to meet them. The agitators urge the soldiers not to lend their support to a reactionary cause. The soldiers begin to wonder what they are doing, to the dismay of their officers.

image sources:

Kornilov in Moscow before his coup (Wikipedia)

Militamen in Petrograd (Leftcom: The Kornilov Affair Mobilises the Masses)

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