July 1917

Kerensky’s offensive fails. The July Days in Petrograd. U-boat controversy forces resignation of the German Chancellor. Arab rebels storm Aqaba. The Red Baron shot down. Passchendaele begins.

1/7/1917 The Kerensky Offensive: Russia attacks

2/7/1917 Greece formally joins the Allies

2/7/1917 Emperor Karl frees Austria-Hungary’s political prisoners

3/7/1917 The Kerensky Offensive comes unstuck

6/7/1917 Arab rebels storm Aqaba

6/7/1917 Finland declares independence from Russia

6/7/1917 The U-boat war denounced in the Reichstag

6/7/1917 The Red Baron shot down

10/7/1917 Political realignment in Ireland as de Valera wins by-election

11/7/1917 Ramadi: Britain’s failed attempt to advance upriver from Baghdad

12/7/1917 Lawrence meets Allenby in Cairo

13/7/1917 Chancellor Bethmann Hollweg leaves the stage

13/7/1917 Britain retreats from Ramadi

15/7/1917 Santa Maria la Longa: an Italian mutiny suppressed

15/7/1917 Tension builds in Petrograd

16/7/1917 Petrograd erupts

17/7/1917 Petrograd: a second Russian Revolution?

17/7/1917 Narungombe: a British advance in East Africa thwarted

18/7/1917 The revolutionary moment passes in Petrograd

19/7/1917 The Reichstag passes its Peace Resolution

19/7/1917 Kerensky’s star rises as that of the Bolsheviks falls

20/7/1917 The Corfu Declaration: plans for a future Yugoslavia

22/7/1917 Alexander Kerensky, Russia’s new Prime Minister

24/7/1917 Lightning Force: Enver’s plan to recapture Baghdad

30/7/1917 German U-boat crews meet their July targets

31/7/1917 Third Ypres begins with British successes

31/7/1917 Kerensky replaces Brusilov with Kornilov as army commander

image sources:

Nevsky Prospekt, Petrograd, 17 July 1917 (Wikipedia)

British soldiers guarding German prisoners, 31 July 1917 (Wikipedia)

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