June 1917

French army mutinies continue. The Battle of Messines. London bombed. Aqaba falls to the Arabs. The first US troops arrive in Europe. The Kerensky Offensive begins.

1/6/1917 French mutinies continue

4/6/1917 Brusilov takes over the Russian army

4/6/1917 Tenth Isonzo ends with an Austro-Hungarian surprise

6/6/1917 The revolutionary sailors of Kronstadt compromise

7/6/1917 Assault on Messines Ridge

10/6/1917 Italy launches a new offensive on the Asiago plateau

11/6/1917 Messines: the Germans retreat

12/6/1917 The Allies finally get rid of Greece’s uncooperative King

13/6/1917 Panic on the streets of London

14/6/1917 The Seeadler claims its first American victim

15/6/1917 Pétain attempts to conciliate French mutineers

16/6/1917 Germany’s plague of hamsters

18/6/1917 Nasir and Lawrence set their sights on Aqaba

19/6/1917 Italy attacks, Mount Ortigara falls

20/6/1917 Industrial unrest grips France

21/6/1917 The Women’s Battalion of Death

23/6/1917 Ukraine declares autonomy from Russia

24/6/1917 The Red Baron’s Flying Circus

25/6/1917 The first US troops arrive in France

25/6/1917 Mount Ortigara recaptured by the Austro-Hungarians

26/6/1917 Justice catches up with the last of the conspirators against Franz Ferdinand

27/6/1917 A new British commander in the Sinai desert

29/6/1917 Defeated Italians withdraw to their start lines on the Asiago plateau

29/6/1917 The guns fire for Kerensky’s great offensive

30/6/1917 Germany’s dawning realisation that the U-boat war has failed

30/6/1917 Cadorna denounced in the Italian parliament

image source:

New Zealanders at Messines (Mental Floss WWI Centennial: Battle of Messines)

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