6/7/1917 Arab rebels storm Aqaba #1917Live

Nasir ibn Ali and British liaison officer T.E. Lawrence have persuaded Auda abu Tayi to join the Arab Revolt against the Turks. Together with Auda’s tribal followers and others who have rallied to the cause they now advance on the Turkish controlled port of Aqaba. Most of the fighting takes place outside the town, with the rebels attacking and eliminating Turkish positions that guard its approaches. Today they finally storm Aqaba itself.

Aqaba lies at the northern end of the Red Sea gulf that bears its name. It is an ideal point from which to supply Arab operations further to the north in Syria. So that the British will be aware of the opportunities yielded by this victory, Lawrence departs from Aqaba to make his way across the Sinai desert to Cairo, the centre of British power in the Middle East.

image sources:

Auda abu Tayi’s standard is carried into Aqaba (Weapons and Warfare: Lawrence and Aqaba II)

T.E. Lawrence at Aqaba (Clio Visualizing History: The Taking of Akaba)

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