30/6/1917 Cadorna denounced in the Italian parliament

With minimal progress on the Isonzo and the recent failure of the offensive on the Asiago plateau it is hard for anyone to say that the war is going very well for Italy. The Italian government has allowed parliament to let off steam in a closed session debate on the war’s conduct. Criticism of the government and the army is relatively muted until today, when Fortunato Marazzi takes the floor. This liberal politician has previously served on the Isonzo as a divisional commander. Now he eviscerates Cadorna, the army’s chief of staff, and the government that has left him in place. He denounces a succession of mistakes made by the military and the failure of the politicians to hold Cadorna to account. He is particularly critical of Cadorna’s failure to concentrate artillery and continued reliance on broad front offensives.

Marazzi’s speech impresses many of his fellow parliamentarians, including his political opponents. However Cadorna can only removed by unseating Boselli, the prime minister, and the politicians fear chaos if the government were to fall now. The parliament ends up voting confidence once more in Boselli’s government, meaning that Cadorna is safe in his job for the moment.

image source:

Fortunato Marazzi (Wikipedia)

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