25/6/1917 Mount Ortigara recaptured by the Austro-Hungarians

The Italians have been attacking on the Asiago plateau, hoping to evict the Austro-Hungarians from territory they seized in their <a href="https://ww1live.wordpress.com/tag/punishment-expedition/"Trentino offensive last year. The Italians managed to storm the summit of Mount Ortigara and then dug in to repel Austro-Hungarian counterattacks. Since then they have had no rest, facing continuous infantry assaults and artillery bombardments. Now the Austro-Hungarians attack with gas and flame-throwers. The Italians have had enough and are pushed off the mountain top. The blood of the Austro-Hungarians is up: they attack along the line, determined to recover all of the Italian gains.

image source:

A somewhat fanciful depiction of Alpine warfare (MetroPostcard Guide to the Austro-Hungarian Empire in World War One on postcards)

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