23/6/1917 Ukraine declares autonomy from Russia

Revolution has seen the various regions of Russia become more assertive in their rights. In Ukraine a local parliament, the Rada , has convened itself. Rada leaders have petitioned the Provisional Government to recognise Ukrainian autonomy but their demands have gone unheard by both Prince Lvov‘s government and the Petrograd Soviet, both of which argue that these questions cannot be resolved until the future convening of a Constituent Assembly.

Irked by Petrograd’s cold shouldering, the Rada leaders now issue a unilateral declaration of autonomy dubbed the First Universal. While the declaration stops short of declaring independence, the Rada leaders establish an executive under the leadership of V.K. Vinnichenko, which assumes authority over Ukraine.

The First Universal causes consternation in Petrograd. Prince Lvov accuses the Rada of seeking to “inflict a fatal blow on the state” while Soviet leaders denounce the Ukrainian nationalists for stabbing the Revolution in the back. But Petrograd appears unable to make its writ run in Ukraine.

image source:

V.K. Vinnichenko (Wikipedia)

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