21/6/1917 The Women’s Battalion of Death

Russia has seen many great changes since the start of its revolution. Many of the traditional structures of society have now being completely overturned. These changes to the established order are affecting not just relations between the social classes but between the sexes, with the rights of women now being asserted in a previously undreamt of manner.

One strange new development is the encroachment of women into the traditionally male sphere of the army. In Petrograd Kerensky has authorised the formation of an all-woman combat unit, the Women’s Battalion of Death. They are led by Maria Bochkareva, who has been serving in the Russian army since the war’s outbreak, earning the respect of her male colleagues by her bravery in combat.

Today Kerensky reviews the Women’s Battalion as they prepare to depart for the front to take part in the offensive Brusilov is planning. Kerensky hopes that the women’s example will encourage their male comrades to give their all in this great democratic offensive.

image source:

The Women’s Battalion of Death & Emmeline Pankhurst (Wikipedia)

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