19/6/1917 Italy attacks, Mount Ortigara falls

Earlier in the month the Italians attacked on the Asiago plateau, hoping to clear the Austro-Hungarians from positions they had retreated to after their Punishment Expedition last year. The attacks were staged in the middle of a summer storm and the assault troops foundered in a sea of mud.

Now the weather has improved and the Italians are attacking again. With better visibility Italian artillery is able to batter Austro-Hungarian positions. The Italian air force also lends a hand, with bombers supporting the infantry.

This time the Italians enjoy considerable success. They manage to storm to the summit of Mount Ortigara, wresting it from the Austro-Hungarians in brutal hand-to-hand fighting. Around a thousand prisoners are captured and several artillery pieces. But the Italians know that they cannot rest on their laurels: they will have to defend the mountain from the inevitable Austro-Hungarian counter-attacks.

image sources:

Italian troops storming the mountain (EreticaMente: La conquista dell’Ortigara)

map (Valgame: La Guerra sull’Altopiano)

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