13/6/1917 Panic on the streets of London

Germany has for some time been sending Zeppelins to attack England by night but these inaccurate and ineffective attacks have failed to bring the British to their knees. Now though the advance of technology brings a new menace to the English skies. Germany’s gigantic Gotha bomber planes have a range far surpassing that of previous aeroplanes. Now the Germans commence a campaign of daylight bombing raids on London itself.

Previous attempts by the Gothas to bomb London failed but today they hit the city in earnest. Londoners have not previously had any reason to fear German aeroplanes. Many crowd into the streets to gaze curiously at the new presence in the sky. This may contribute to the loss of life inflicted by the bombers, with some 160 people killed and several hundred wounded. In one terrible incident a bomb falls on a school in Poplar, killing a large number of children.

This is the most destructive bombing attack on England yet. The raid shocks the British, who now begin planning some kind of air defence system for their capital.

image source (Military History Now: Operation Türkenkreuz – Remembering the Kaiser’s 1917 ‘Blitz’ on Great Britain)

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