May 1917

U-boats continue to devastate Allied shipping. Unrest continues in Russia. The Italians attack again on the Isonzo. Unrest grips the French army in the wake of the failure of the Nivelle Offensive.

2/5/1917 US warships arrive in Europe

4/5/1917 Robertson and Pétain agree on attrition, Haig continues to dream of a breakthrough
4/5/1917 Unrest continues in Petrograd

5/5/1917 Pro-conscription party wins landslide in Australia

7/5/1917 The last flight of Albert Ball

9/5/1917 Nivelle sacked, his offensive halted, the French army in danger of collapse

10/5/1917 Convoys against U-boats

12/5/1917 Tenth time lucky on the Isonzo?

14/5/1917 The Battle of Otranto

14/5/1917 Tenth Isonzo: the infantry attack

15/5/1917 Tenth Isonzo: Cadorna changes tack

17/5/1917 As the Battle of Arras ends, Haig’s thoughts turn to Ypres

18/5/1917 Russia’s government reconstituted as unrest spread across the country

18/5/1917 America introduces conscription

19/5/1917 Faisal sends his agents north into Syria

21/5/1917 A minor success for the Allies in East Africa

23/5/1917 Unrest in Italy as attacks continue on the Isonzo

23/5/1917 Tisza steps down as Hungarian Prime Minister

26/5/1917 Once again, Italy runs out of steam on the Isonzo

28/5/1917 A bizarre episode on the Italian Front

29/5/1917 The Socialist Republic of Kronstadt

30/5/1917 Emperor Karl reconvenes Austria’s parliament

31/5/1917 Discipline and punish: the Italian army deals with failure

31/5/1917 Another good month for the U-boats

image source:

Canadian troops after leaving the front line (Peterborough in the Great War)

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