4/6/1917 Brusilov takes over the Russian army

The Russian army has a new chief of staff, General Alexei Brusilov. Brusilov’s offensive last year shook the Austro-Hungarians, though it ultimately ended in failure (arguably as a result of decisions by Brusilov’s superiors). Kerensky, the war minister, picked Brusilov to lead the army because he is one of the few generals with some successes to his name. He is also one of few senior Russian generals who are enthusiastic supporters of the Revolution. He had become disillusioned with the Tsarist order and felt that the country needed radical change in order to join the modern world.

Brusilov arrives today at Stavka, the army general staff headquarters at Mogilev. He does not receive a warm welcome. He is not well liked by his fellow generals, partly for his republican views and partly because his successes have shown up their failures.

Brusilov’s job now is to prepare the Russian army for the great offensive that Kerensky has ordered. He is confident that the new order in the Russia will fire up the zeal of the soldiers to fight for their motherland.

image source:

Alexei Brusilov (Wikipedia)

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