Farewell Alistair Horne

I have just learned that Alistair Horne has died. Horne was the author of The Price of Glory: Verdun 1916, an account of the Battle of Verdun that heavily informed my own posts on that terrible battle. Horne had a unique ability to write narrative history that was also impressively analytical.

His book on Verdun was the middle of a trilogy on key Franco-German struggles, with the other books looking at the war of 1870 & the civil war that followed and the fall of France in 1940. All three of those books are excellent.

Horne wrote widely on many topics though it is his books on French history for which he will be best remembered. I hope one day to read his A Savage War of Peace, his account of the Algerian war of independence.


Alistair Horne, War Historian and Onetime British Spy, Dies at 91 (New York Times)

Sir Alistair Horne obituary (Guardian)

image source (Pan Macmillan)

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