April 1917

The USA declares war on Germany. Initial British and Canadian success at Arras. Nivelle’s offensive is a disastrous failure. Lenin returns to Russia. The Turks again block Britain at Gaza. The U-boats‘ deadliest month yet.

1/4/1917 Starving Central Europe

2/4/1917 London orders an advance on Jerusalem

2/4/1917 Wilson addresses Congress, seeking a declaration of war against Germany

3/4/1917 Austria-Hungary puts the case for peace

5/4/1917 Brazil’s “Paraná” sunk by U-boat

6/4/1917 Nivelle insists that his offensive goes ahead

6/4/1917 America declares war on Germany

9/4/1917 Lenin departs Zurich for Russia in his special German train

9/4/1917 Arras: Canadians storm Vimy Ridge as the Allies smash the Germans

10/4/1917 The Eddystone explosion: an unsolved mystery

11/4/1917 Discipline breaks down in Russia’s army

11/4/1917 Arras: failed British and Australian attempts to exploit earlier gains

15/4/1917 Arras runs out of steam

16/4/1917 Socialist firebrand Lenin arrives in Petrograd, proclaims opposition to the war

16/4/1917 The disappointing first day of Nivelle’s offensive

16/4/1917 Unrest grips Germany

17/4/1917 Lenin delivers his April Theses, denouncing the Provisional Government

17/4/1917 As the Nivelle Offensive continues, the cracks start to show in the French army

17/4/1917 Second Gaza: another British attempt to push into Palestine

17/4/1917 The German Corpse Factory

18/4/1917 The “Seeadler” makes its way into the Pacific

19/4/1917 Italy secures its share of the Turkish spoils

19/4/1917 Second Gaza: Britain fails again to break into Palestine

20/4/1917 The failure of Nivelle’s offensive

22/4/1917 Italy’s avant garde goes to war

23/4/1917 Arras: the British offensive resumed

23/4/1917 German authorities buy off the Berlin and Leipzig strikers

23/4/1917 Scenting victory, German leaders prepare ambitious plans for post-war Europe

24/4/1917 Britain consolidates its gains in Mesopotomia

25/4/1917 Britain attacks in the Balkans

27/4/1917 Germany’s annoying Belgian naval bases

29/4/1917 The Red Baron kills

29/4/1917 Unrest in the French army brings Pétain to the fore

30/4/1917 Bloody April: the red skies above Arras

30/4/1917 Great successes for Germany’s U-boats

30/4/1917 Outlandish reports of the German Corpse Factory continue to cause a sensation

image sources:

New York Sun (Mental Floss)

Map (Mental Floss)

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