30/4/1917 Outlandish reports of the German Corpse Factory continue to cause a sensation

Fanciful reports that the Germans are rendering corpses as sources for scarce war materials have caused a sensation in Britain. Despite having no basis in reality, rumours of the Corpse Factory have led to lurid reporting in the British press and are presented as further evidence that there are no depths to which the Hun will not sink.

Not everyone is taken in by this nonsense. Speaking in parliament, the Irish politician John Dillon suggests that allowing these patently false stories to gain credence the British government is undermining its own credibility. But in reply Lord Cecil, the junior foreign minister, declines to discount reports of the Corpse Factory, arguing that such reports are not incredible in light of previous actions by the Germans. His statement stops short of anything that could later be used to accuse him of lying to parliament.

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“And don’t forget that your Kaiser will find a use for you—alive or dead.” (Wikipedia, originally from Punch 25 April 1917)

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