March 1917

Revolution in Russia. Germany’s plot against America revealed. Britain takes Baghdad but is blocked at Gaza. The U-boat war continues.

1/3/1917 The Zimmermann Telegram published: Germany’s plot against America revealed

1/3/1917 Emperor Karl puts out peace feelers, sacks his army’s chief of staff

3/3/1917 Robertson changes his mind: Maude is to march on Baghdad

4/3/1917 Food shortages lead to increasing anger in Russia

6/3/1917 Maude advances to the gates of Baghdad

6/3/1917 The Red Baron is lucky

8/3/1917 Petrograd: demonstrators descend on the city centre

9/3/1917 More demonstrations in Petrograd

10/3/1917 As Petrograd slides towards revolution, the Tsar orders a crackdown

11/3/1917 Baghdad falls to the British

11/3/1917 Crackdown in Petrograd

12/3/1917 Petrograd slides from unrest to revolution

13/3/1917 A new order starts to emerge in revolutionary Petrograd

14/3/1917 Petrograd: the revolution triumphant

15/3/1917 Russia’s provisional government formed as the Tsar abdicates

16/3/1917 The end of the Russian monarchy

17/3/1917 The Provisional Government grapples with Russia’s problems while in Kiev a Ukrainian parliament is formed

20/3/1917 Germany’s Western Front withdrawal continues as the Allies prepare to attack

20/3/1917 The Seeadler disposes of its prisoners

23/3/1917 Russia’s new regime recognised abroad as reforms are implemented at home

26/3/1917 Britain’s advance blocked at Gaza

27/3/1917 The Petrograd Soviet’s peace offensive

29/3/1917 Russia offers Poland independence

29/3/1917 Zimmermann admits to his telegram

30/3/1917 Faisal eyes up Syria

31/3/1917 The U-boat war’s progress

images source (Mental Floss WWI Centennial)

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