11/4/1917 Arras: failed British and Australian attempts to exploit earlier gains

At Arras British and Commonwealth forces are pressing on, trying to exploit their gains of the 9th. British and Australian troops were to attack the fortified village of Bullecourt yesterday but bad weather delayed the arrival of the tanks that were to support the advance, forcing the postponement of the assault to today.

Unfortunately the successes of the Canadians on the 9th are not repeated. The Germans are waiting for the renewed Allied offensive. The assault troops struggle to move forward over muddy ground, finding also that artillery has failed to sufficiently clear the barbed wire in front of the German positions.

Most of the tanks break down before the battle has even started. The Germans have lost the tank fright that gripped some units at the Somme last year. They inflict heavy losses on the British and Australians, even managing to capture two tanks in a counter-attack.

image source:

German soldiers with captured tank

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