9/4/1917 Arras: Canadians storm Vimy Ridge as the Allies smash the Germans

The French are preparing for their offensive in the Chemin des Dames, one Nivelle thinks will win the war for them. Today the British launch their spring offensive near Arras. Their goals are more limited, with the assault intended to draw German forces away from the Chemin des Dames. Unlike at the Somme last year there is no expectation of a breakthrough. Instead the British and Canadians are to advance in stages, taking successive bites out of the German defences.

The attack goes well. Carefully targeted artillery has battered the Germans and when the infantry go forward they make rapid gains. The Canadians storm Vimy Ridge and the advance generally is the furthest achieved in one day on the Western Front since late 1914. Only an onset of bad weather slows down the advance late in the day, with sleet reducing visibility and making the ground muddy and sticky. Nevertheless the British and Canadians prepare to exploit their gains tomorrow.

To support the effort on the ground the British have deployed a large number of aircraft in the Arras sector. However the Germans are rising to the challenge. Richthofen‘s Jasta 11 is one of five fighter squadrons already in the sector, with more now being sent to join the fray. The German fliers are outnumbered but they hope that their better training and experience will give them the edge over the Allies. And the German planes are there solely to kill, while the British are flying mainly to observe German positions on the ground.

image source:

The Battle of Vimy Ridge (Wikipedia)

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