6/4/1917 America declares war on Germany

A few days ago President Wilson addressed a joint session of Congress, calling for war against Germany. Now the two houses provide him with a declaration of war. Support for the war in the Senate and House of Representatives is overwhelming but not unanimous. Outside Congress many progressives and socialists are opposed to the war, but as in Europe in 1914 they are overwhelmed by the pro-war tide.

It will be some time before the United States is able to play an active part in the conflict. At 145,000 men, its army is relatively small. Having struggled to deal with bandits and revolutionaries in a recent invasion of Mexico the US army is currently in no state to take on the Kaiser’s army. There are plans to greatly expand its numbers but it will be next year before the Americans will have formations ready to deploy in Europe. The Germans know this; their expectation is that the U-boats will have won the war by then.

Nevertheless, there is one area in which the United States is ready for early participation in the conflict. Preparations are underway for the imminent despatch of warships to European waters, where they will take part in patrols against the U-boat menace.

image source:

Reporting for Duty (World War I Live (@roadtowar1914 on Twitter))

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