27/3/1917 The Petrograd Soviet’s peace offensive

War weariness led to the recent revolution in Russia. However the country remains at war. The Provisional Government has promised to stick by Russia’s allies and to refrain from seeking a separate peace with the Central Powers. Milyukov, the foreign minister, sees no reason why Russia should not fight on to secure the gains promised in secret negotiations with the Allies, notably Constantinople.

Outside the government, anti-war sentiment remains strong. Many heed the arguments of leftist radicals that the war is an imperialist one favouring no one but the rich and their imperialist interests. The Petrograd Soviet launches a peace campaign, renouncing the war aims of the pre-revolutionary regime and calling on the people of Europe to reject the imperialist war.

For now at least the people of Europe show no sign of heeding the Soviet’s call.

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