February 1917

Germany’s U-boat campaign pushes the Americans towards war. British gains in Mesopotamia. Germany begins to withdraw to the Hindenburg Line. Mata Hari arrested.

3/2/1917 The United States severs diplomatic relations with Germany

9/2/1917 Western Front: the Germans begin a withdrawal to the Hindenburg Line

11/2/1917 Germany tries to put the Belgians to work

13/2/1917 Mata Hari arrested

19/2/1917 The Seeadler’s captain renews an old acquaintance

20/2/1917 Attacking the Medina railroad

21/2/1917 The loss of the SS Mendi

22/2/1917 The continuing food crisis in Germany and Austria-Hungary

23/2/1917 Mesopotamia: the Second Battle of Kut

25/2/1917 Britain returns to Kut

25/2/1917 The sinking of the “Laconia”

28/2/1917 Mesopotamia: Maude is eager, Robertson cautious

28/2/1917 The first month of the unrestricted U-boat campaign

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January 1917

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