14/3/1917 Petrograd: the revolution triumphant

Petrograd is now lost to the Tsar. Loyalist fighters are now trying to escape the city or are giving up the fight. Those that can surrender to the Duma, hoping thereby to escape the summary justice of the street.

The revolution begins also to spread beyond Petrograd. At Kronstadt, the nearby naval base, the sailors have had enough of the harsh treatment they have had to endure at the hands of their masters. Now they rise in revolt, killing many of their officers by bayoneting them or throwing them under the sea ice. Others are imprisoned in the island’s dungeons.
Meanwhile after fevered negotiations between the leaders of the Duma and the Petrograd Soviet, it is agreed that a provisional government will be formed, responsible to the Duma. Its membership will be announced tomorrow.

The Tsar had ordered General Ivanov to lead troops from the front to crush the revolution. However, when Ivanov reaches the Tsar’s summer palace at Tsarskoe Selo outside Petrograd, he finds that the guards there have also gone over to the revolution. At army headquarters, Alexeev, the army’s chief of staff, fears that any troops sent to Petrograd will be infected by the revolutionary germ gripping the city. He orders Ivanov to halt.

Meanwhile, where is the Tsar? He had departed headquarters to make his own way to Tsarskoe Selo, but he has somehow ended up stuck in the town of Pskov.

image sources:

Crowds outside the Duma (Wikipedia)

Petrograd & Kronstadt (Weapons and Warfare)

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