6/3/1917 The Red Baron is lucky

As a show of bravado, German fighter ace Manfred von Richthofen had his aeroplane painted red. As a result he is now famous or infamous to friends and foes alike, known variously as The Red Flier, Der Rote Flieger, the Red Devil or the Red Baron.

By now Richthofen has claimed some 23 victories. Today he claims a 24th, shooting down a British BE2e and killing its pilot and gunner. But in a subsequent battle with some British FE8s a bullet pierce his fuel tank. Richthofen is lucky. His fuel does not ignite and he is able to glide his aeroplane down, making a forced landing without injury to himself. The Red Baron lives to fight and kill again.

image sources:

Another victim for the Red Baron (Taringa: El alma negra del Baron Rojo)

Manfred von Richthofen (Wikipedia)

2 thoughts on “6/3/1917 The Red Baron is lucky

  1. Hmm not the best illustration. That looks like an Albatross DV which didn’t come into service until April (though could be a DIII) and a Nieuport 16 or 17. In fact he only shot down 1 Nieuport of this kind in his career.


    • Illustration is fanciful. From picture URL it is an Albatross D V. Wikipedia suggests he would have been flying either a Albatros D.II or Halberstadt D.II today.


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