January 1917: the War’s Second Half Begins

Wilson’s peace efforts continue. Germany decides to unleash the U-boats. Britain intercepts a telegram. The East African campaign plods along. Britain pushes to the gates of Palestine as the Arab Revolt advances.

5/1/1917 Victory proves elusive in German East Africa

7/1/1917 Romania overrun

7/1/1917 The Tsar’s sad Christmas

9/1/1917 Rafah: British and ANZAC troops at the gates of Palestine

9/1/1917 Germany decides on unrestricted submarine warfare

9/1/1917 The Seeadler claims its first victim

10/1/1917 The Allies reply to Wilson’s peace proposal

11/1/1917 The Kinglsand Explosion: a New Jersey armaments factory mysteriously erupts

16/1/1917 Richthofen becomes the Red Baron

17/1/1917 U-boats begin to sail through the Channel

19/1/1917 The Zimmermann telegram: Germany proposes an anti-US alliance to Mexico

20/1/1917 Smuts leaves East Africa for London

22/1/1917 “Peace Without Victory” – Wilson addresses the Senate

23/1/1917 The fall of Wajh and the advance of the Arab Revolt

25/1/1917 East Africa: the rains bring an end to the British advance

31/1/1917 On the eve of the U-boat war

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image source (Mental Floss WWI Centennial, originally US National Archives)

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