December 1916

Romania crushed. Lloyd George succeeds Asquith. Verdun finally ends in bloody victory for France. Nivelle succeeds Joffre. Reverses for Turkey in Sinai and Arabia. Rasputin assassinated.

1/12/1916 The Battle of Athens: French marines clash with Greek royalists

1/12/1916 Fahreddin Pasha’s plans to crush the Arab Revolt

1/12/1916 Romania’s desperate counter-attack

2/12/1916 The Reichstag blocks Ludendorff’s plans to completely militarise the German economy

3/12/1916 Romania’s counter-offensive fails

5/12/1916 Political crisis in Britain

6/12/1916 Bucharest falls

7/12/1916 Greece: the royalists’ revenge

7/12/1916 Lloyd George becomes Britain’s Prime Minister

10/12/1916 Verdun: this way to the slaughterhouse

11/12/1916 Italy loses a battleship and a general

11/12/1916 The Turks rebuffed at Yanbu

12/12/1916 Bethmann Hollweg’s peace initiative

12/12/1916 Nivelle succeeds Joffre as France reshuffles its generals

15/12/1916 Further French gains at Verdun

16/12/1916 Documenting the Hell of Horrifying Ghosts: Armin Wegner and the Armenian Genocide

18/12/1916 Verdun finally grinds to a halt

18/12/1916 President Wilson’s peace initiative

21/12/1916 Lloyd George closes Frongoch, university of Irish rebellion

21/12/1916 The Seeadler sets sail

22/12/1916 Germany thinks again about U-boats

23/12/1916 Britain advances in the Sinai

24/12/1916 Germany seizes Romania’s granaries

25/12/1916 Christmas in the trenches

27/12/1916 Empty honours for Joffre

28/12/1916 Tensions in Germany

30/12/1916 The murder of Rasputin

31/12/1916 Another year of war comes to an end

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November 1916

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image sources:

Verdun casualties (Les Français à Verdun)

map (Mental Floss WWI Centennial)

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