18/12/1916 President Wilson’s peace initiative

Could the war be coming to a negotiated end? Chancellor Bethmann Hollweg of Germany recently offered to open peace talks with the Allies. His proposal has had a frosty response from Germany’s enemies, who want to prosecute the war to victory. But across the Atlantic President Wilson of the United States is interested.

The USA is still neutral, but many Americans fear that if the war continues they will eventually be sucked into it. Wilson was elected on a peace platform, trading on the fact that he had kept his country out of the war. Now he acts to try and bring the war to an end. He sends a message to all the belligerent countries, asking them to state their terms for an end to the conflict. In so doing he hopes to start the ball rolling on negotiations to end the conflict, one in which his country could perhaps serve as an honest broker.

image source:

Woodrow Wilson (Wikipedia)

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