11/12/1916 Italy loses a battleship and a general

Since Italy joined the war, the Italian navy has been supported by ships from France and Britain in its efforts to keep the Austro-Hungarian fleet bottled up in the upper Adriatic. As a result Italian shipping is able to sail without much molestation by enemy warships. However the seas still have their dangers, as the crew of the Regina Margherita discover tonight. After leaving the Albanian port of Vlorë (known to its Italian occupiers as Valona) in rough seas, this pre-war battleship strikes a mine. The ship sinks with the loss of 675 men.

General Oreste Bandini, commander of the Italian expeditionary force in Albania, is aboard the Regina Margherita. Bandini is not among the 270 survivors.

image source:

The Regina Margherita, before the war (Wikipedia)

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