7/12/1916 Lloyd George becomes Britain’s Prime Minister

Britain’s political turmoil has come to an end. Asquith may have thought that by resigning as Prime Minister he would reveal the weakness of his opponents. If so he was mistaken. Admittedly Andrew Bonar Law, the Conservative leader, was unable to attract the support of enough Liberals to form a government. David Lloyd George however has better luck. He rustles up the support of enough of his fellow Liberals to form a stable coalition government with the Conservatives.

Asquith remains leader of the Liberal party. Most prominent Liberals follow him out of government. However the party is now split into factions supporting either Lloyd George or Asquith.

Lloyd George’s appointment is bad news for both Haig, the Western Front commander, and Robertson, the chief of staff of the British army. Lloyd George is unimpressed with how they have been conducting the war. However he does not have any obvious alternative to Haig and Robertson’s approach. In any case, for the moment he feels too insecure in office to move against these powerful figures.

image source:

David Lloyd George (Wikipedia)

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