5/12/1916 Political crisis in Britain

British politics is in a ferment. Prime Minister Asquith’s handling of the war is attracting much criticism from the press, who are arguing that the country needs more vigorous leadership. Asquith is also facing challenges from within the coalition government, with his Liberal colleague, David Lloyd George, the War Minister, and Andrew Bonar Law, Conservative leader and Minister for the Colonies, plotting against the prime minister.

In an increasingly excited atmosphere, Asquith attempts to sack Lloyd George and reconstitute his government, but then realises that this would lose him the support of the Conservatives and Lloyd George’s allies within the Liberals. So now he tenders his own resignation to the King. He is not quite giving up yet: the Liberal leader hopes that no one else will be able to form a government, which would see him recalled to the premiership.

image source:

Herbert Henry Asquith (Miranda’s Space)

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