November 1916

Another battle of the Isonzo. The Somme finally comes to an end. Verdun continues.

1/11/1916 Round nine: another Italian attack on the Isonzo

1/11/1916 Putting the German economy onto a war footing

2/11/1916 Verdun: France recovers Fort Vaux

2/11/1916 Ninth Isonzo: the Italian juggernaut appears unstoppable

4/11/1916 Isonzo: Cadorna’s nerve fails again

5/11/1916 The Somme: Haig insists that the battle continue

5/11/1916 Germany and Austria-Hungary promise an independent Poland

6/11/1916 The Arab Revolt in trouble

7/11/1916 America goes to the polls

8/11/1916 The Somme: Gough receives an unwelcome visit

8/11/1916 Wilson re-elected

9/11/1916 Germany bribes its policemen with food

11/11/1916 Britain’s street-side shrines to the fallen

13/11/1916 The Somme: Beaumont Hamel finally falls to the British

13/11/1916 Russia’s increasingly radicalised Duma meets in an atmosphere of rising tension

14/11/1916 The Somme: failed attempts to exploit yesterday’s successes

15/11/1916 Searching for a strategy: generals and politicians meet in Paris

16/11/1916 Allied plans for 1917: more of the same

18/11/1916 The Somme: one more push

19/11/1916 Winter brings the Battle of the Somme to an end

19/11/1916 Monastir: a return to Serbia

21/11/1916 Franz Josef of Austria-Hungary dies

21/11/1916 The sinking of the Britannic

23/11/1916 Bucharest threatened, but Romania prepares to strike back

23/11/1916 Tsar Nicholas rearranges the deck chairs

28/11/1916 A new menace: an aeroplane attack on London

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image source:

Soldier & pack horse, Beaumont Hamel, November 1916 (Letters from the trenches)

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