1/12/1916 Romania’s desperate counter-attack

It is barely three months since Romania’s rash decision to enter the war. The Romanians are now engaged in a desperate battle for survival, with German, Austro-Hungarian and Bulgarian forces pushing into their country from the south and west. The Romanians hope for Russian assistance but help is not arriving quickly enough.

Knowing that if they remain on the defensive they will be overwhelmed by the superior forces against them, the Romanians decided to strike back. The two invading armies are still separated from each other, so the Romanians concentrate against the force invading from the south, a mainly Bulgarian army commanded by Germany’s Mackensen. The Romanians hope to destroy or at least push back this army before Falkenhayn’s men advancing form Transylvania can come to their aid. In this kind of bold Napoleonic stroke they are trying to emulate the German victory at Tannenberg in 1914, which saved East Prussia from Russian invasion.

Today the Romanians attack. The attack appears to be going well, with Mackensen’s men being pushed back and the Romanians taking many prisoners.

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