16/11/1916 Allied plans for 1917: more of the same

Allied leaders are meeting in Paris, trying to find a way to prosecute the war to victory. The French and British want to concentrate their forces on the Western Front, a view with which the others are obliged to grudgingly acquiesce. This means there will be no substantial reinforcement of the Allied force in Salonika, which is bad news for the Serbs and Romanians. Cadorna too declines to send more Italian troops to Albania or Greece, preferring to keep his men concentrated on the Isonzo.

So what do the Allies agree on? They agree once more to hit the Central Powers with combined offensives next year, with May scheduled as when the hammer blows will fall. Given the casualties the Germans and Austro-Hungarians must have suffered this year, the Allied leaders hope that they will not be able to resist another round of major assaults.

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