8/11/1916 Wilson re-elected

Votes in yesterday’s American election are still being tallied but now the result looks clear: President Wilson will be re-elected. The swing state of California went with the Democrat president, by a margin of only a few thousand votes, but this is enough to push him over the line in the electoral college. Unfortunately for them, some newspapers go to press when it looks from early results that Hughes will win.

The Democrats’ slogan in the election was “He kept us out of the war”. With Wilson remaining in the White House, Americans look forward to remaining at one remove from the bloody madness engulfing Europe.

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One thought on “8/11/1916 Wilson re-elected

  1. […] somewhat problematic for historians, especially given that this week was also the anniversary of the re-election of Woodrow Wilson in 1916, on the platform that “He Kept Us Out of the War!” Within months, he would stand in the […]


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