October 1916

The Somme plods on. France recovers ground at Verdun. Romania invaded. Central Europe goes hungry. Another short battle of the Isonzo.

1/10/1916 A Zeppelin attack on London goes badly awry

6/10/1916 An escalated U-boat campaign

6/10/1916 Exploiting Germany’s occupied territories

7/10/1916 The Somme: Haig maintains the pressure

9/10/1916 Pointless Somme assaults continue

10/10/1916 The Eighth Battle: Italy attacks again on the Isonzo

10/10/1916 Falkenhayn expels Romania from Transylvania

12/10/1916 Eighth Isonzo ends as Cadorna squanders his chance of victory

13/10/1916 Haig and Rawlinson prepare for a bloody winter on the Somme

16/10/1916 Hunger in Central Europe

18/10/1916 More of the same at the Somme

21/10/1916 Vienna: an assassin strikes

21/10/1916 Russia begins to crack

22/10/1916 Verdun: the French try a cunning ruse

23/10/1916 Verdun: Fort Douaumont abandoned

24/10/1916 Verdun: Fort Douaumont recaptured

25/10/1916 Romania: Mackensen storms Constanza

27/10/1916 Dover Strait: Germany attacks in the Channel

27/10/1916 Segale: Ras Tafari cements his control of Abyssinia

28/10/1916 German ace Boelcke’s luck runs out

28/10/1916 A new Prime Minister for Austria

29/10/1916 Australia votes against conscription

30/10/1916 A new King for the Arabs?

31/10/1916 The ghouls who haunt No Man’s Land

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image sources:

Abandoned German trench on the Somme (International Business Times)

map (Mental Floss)

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