25/10/1916 Romania: Mackensen storms Constanza

Romania’s dreams of easy victory have long been forgotten. Now it is being overrun by its enemies. Its allies are unable or unwilling to send forces to its aid. In Britain there is some disquiet at Romania’s fate and talk of launching some kind of offensive in the Balkans to assist it, British leaders realise that Romania will most likely be completely in enemy hands before any kind of relief attempt can be effected.

Falkenhayn is commanding a German and Austro-Hungarian battlegroup that is crossing the Carpathians into Romania from Transylvania. Mackensen meanwhile leads a mainly Bulgarian force pushing along the coast. Today Mackensen’s men storm the port of Constanza. This victory means that no help will come to the Romanians by sea. Their only hope is that the Russians will be able to send an army to save them.

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