10/10/1916 Falkenhayn expels Romania from Transylvania

Romania entered the war on the Allied side expecting easy gains from Austria-Hungary. Unfortunately Romania’s leaders have made a terrible mistake. After initial successes in Transylvania, the Romanians have found themselves assailed by a two-pronged enemy assault.

Germany’s Mackensen leads a force of Bulgarians and some Germans who are pushing into Romania along the coast. In Transylvania, meanwhile, Falkenhayn has arrived with German reinforcements to lead the embattled Austro-Hungarians there. First he forced the Romanians onto the defensive, then he started to push them back towards the border. Now at last he has expelled them completely from Transylvania. Falkenhayn is now poised to lead his mixed army into an invasion of Romania itself. Romania’s survival as an independent nation looks very much in doubt, unless the Allies can find some forces to send to its aid.

image source:

Falkenhayn (fourth from right) and his staff (Wikipedia)

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