29/9/1916 Romania pushed back in Transylvania

Romania’s entry into the war on the side of the Allies continues to look like a terrible mistake. With Russian help, the Romanians have managed to stop Mackensen’s German-Bulgarian thrust along the coast towards the port of Constanza. However in Transylvania they are facing a strong counter-attack from the Germans and Austro-Hungarians under Falkenhayn. The Romanians entered the war to seize this territory but now they are desperately fighting here to prevent an invasion of their country. And it does not look like this is a battle the Romanians can win. Despite stiff Romanian resistance, today Falkenhayn’s men manage to secure Sibiu, captured by the Romanians during their invasion of Transylvania.

On the Western Front war remains relatively static, with each side able to achieve only minor gains. Here in the East though a war of movement is still possible. With Mackensen and Falkenhayn pressing the Romanians hard, there is the real possibility that their decision to enter the war will see the entire country overrun by the enemy.

image source:

Bulgarian and German troops on the move (MetroPostcard)

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