26/9/1916 The Somme: British troops press on into Thiepval

Yesterday the British and French launched a major new offensive on the Somme, succeeding in capturing many German positions. Early this morning they manage to drive the German hold-outs from a position known as the Gird Trench. British casualties are light, thanks to the support of a tank, which strikes such terror into the Germans that they surrender en masse. The British are able to press on and exploit their successes.

Elsewhere the British attack the village of Thiepval. This was to have been taken in the battle’s first day in July, but repeated attempts have failed to dislodge the Germans and cost the British many lost lives. The going remains difficult. British and Canadian forces suffer great losses but are eventually able to secure the nearby strongpoint of Mouquet Farm. At Thiepval itself, the advancing troops are unable to keep pace with their creeping barrage and so must fight without its benefit. With the aid of another tank they are able to penetrate the village, albeit at great cost, but it remains unsecured. Thiepval will claim more lives yet.

image sources:

Stretcher bearers (Wikipedia)

map (Mental Floss)

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