19/9/1916 Belgium joins the invasion of German East Africa

The Allies are invading the Kaiser’s last overseas colony, German East Africa. South Africa’s Smuts is commanding British Empire forces that are moving south from British East Africa. Meanwhile a Belgian force has crossed over from the Belgian Congo and is pushing into German territory. The Belgians have secured the Ruanda-Urundi territory on the Congo’s border.

Belgian and British forces were racing to capture the key interior town of Tabora. The Belgians won the race, taking the town after the Germans decided to retreat rather than fight to the end against superior forces. This leaves the railway from Dar Es Salaam to Kigoma on Lake Tanganyika in Allied hands.

Since the Allied invasion began in earnest earlier this year the Germans have retreated rather than fight to the finish. After this latest victory the Allies cannot but wonder how long it will be before the Germans have nowhere to retreat to and find themselves obliged to surrender.

image source:

Belgian colonial troops (Belgians have been everywhere on our planet)

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