18/9/1916 Despite German and American protests, Turkey’s extermination of the Armenians continues

The Turkish authorities are continuing their elimination of their Armenian minority. Some of the Armenians (particularly young adult men) are being shot or killed by other kinds of direct violence. For most though the killing is by more drawn-out and indirect methods. Armenians are being sent off to inhospitable death camps in the Syrian desert and left to die of hunger, thirst and exposure.

The extermination is not happening in secret. Newspapers in the neutral United States have carried shocking reports of Armenian suffering, with a recent article in the New York Times quoting a Presbyterian missionary saying that starving Armenians have tried to feed themselves on locusts or wild dogs, while others have resorted to cannibalism. The missionary also reports that other Armenians have given up hope, killing themselves or begging for execution by their tormentors.

The Armenians’ extermination is causing disquiet on the part of Turkey’s allies but they are unable or unwilling to stop the slaughter. Paul Wolff Metternich, Germany’s ambassador to Turkey, reports back to Berlin that the Turkish authorities are intent on the complete elimination of the Armenian population and that his protests and those of American diplomats have done nothing to ease their suffering. Turkey’s leaders are determined to exterminate the Armenians and will not be swayed from this course of action.

image source:

Armenians butchering a horse (Wikipedia)

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